Friday, 4 October 2013

Unclaimed Money And Property In New York: The Best Way To Find It

Do you know that you can now easily know whether you have some money or property that awaits you to be claimed in New York City? Either you know about it but you can’t locate those who owned again or vice versa or you are not aware of it at all. Most of this unclaimed property or money has been given to state government as the law specified. Therefore you can use any of these media to find your claims,

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When using any of these sites, make sure that you search the site with all necessary parameters like surnames, middle name, nicknames, address and others parameters that will let you know  that you are the right owner of the property. After you have made very thorough search and you are sure that the property or money belongs to you then go to the enquiry form, fill the form and submit it. Wait for some days and check your email, you will be notified the steps to take.

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Main Source Of Unclaimed Money Or Property In New York City

The following are the areas where almost 90% of unclaimed money or properties come from

Life Insurance Policy: You can have unclaimed property from insurance companies and you might not know. This is due to the fact that some insurance companies might have merged together or been bought by other companies without your knowledge. So ask for the company that is currently handling your policy.

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Failed Banks: This is another way by which you can have unclaimed property provided it is federally insured banks. Therefore to claim your property you can use FDIC unclaimed funds database.

Pensions:  You can also have unclaimed property from your pensions. This happens if the company you have worked for merged with other company or relocate from one place to another without your awareness or it might be out of business totally and your pensions had been paid to the necessary agency. If you are in this type of situations, you can use Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation