Thursday, 26 September 2013

How To Eat To Lose Weight: Best Fat Burning Foods

Have you ever heard this slogan “The More You Eat The More Fat You Burn”? Is it true? YES, that’s how it is.  It has been discovered that there are some foods that you can eat that can help you to burn fat fast and easy without any workout. if more of these type of foods are being consume, more of the body fat will be burned away. That is the main reason they are being called fat burning foods. It has been proven by the nutritionists that these foods help in promoting calorie burn as well as stopping food cravings which can make you to shield up to two pounds per weeks. Therefore, if the following foods can be eaten regularly and in a large number then your body metabolism and energy will be powered up.
Apples:  Apple has been known to have antioxidants which help in increasing body metabolism and reduce excess body fat. Therefore, if you can eat at least an apple per day before your meal, the size of your calorie intake will be reduced drastically. So the more apples you eat the more weight loss you will have.

Eggs:  Egg is well known to be one of the best fat burning foods especially its yolk. Although, it is widely known that eggs is full of cholesterol but a very dietary one like that of eggs are great source of protein and fatty acids. Therefore, the more egg you consume the better you lose weight.

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Low – Fat Dairy Foods:  With Foods like skim milk and yoghurt, you will be able to increase your body metabolism and burn more body fat. This is due to the presence of calcium and carbohydrates which aid in triggering metabolism and keeping the insulin level low. So the more skim milk or yoghurt you take the better chance of burning more fat.

Beans:  Beans is a good source of protein and fiber which helps in giving good metabolism to the body. So if you can take more beans definitely you will burn more fat.

Hot Pepper:  Hot peppers like Jalapenos, habaneros and cayenne peppers increase heart rate and body metabolism. Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat more of hot peppers.  
Nuts:  Nuts like almonds, walnuts, groundnut, peanut and so on are great source of protein, fiber, healthy fat and fat soluble vitamins. All these help in increasing metabolism and burning of more fats.

Finally, all these foods are highly recommended to be taken in large quantity. The more foods eaten the more fat burned.