Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Stranger Danger: 5 Best Maximum Safety Tips for the Kids

One of the things every parent always consider as very mandatory towards their kids after food, education and shelter  is protection. Lot of parent has used different means to make sure their wards are very safe whenever they are. Upon all these, most parents always worry about their parents when they are not around them (children) as if their efforts towards these kids are not enough in term of security. How can parent be at rest whenever he or she is far from his or her kids? There are some very basic tips parents can teach these kids that can guarantee very maximum safety environment for the kids which will drastically reduce, if not totally eliminate all worries that parents always face whenever their children are out of sight. Therefore if you as parent want to give your children maximum safety, always tell your kids that

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  • Do not give any help to anybody you don’t know or not comfortable with
  • Do not accept foods or gift from anybody you don’t know at all or not familiar with
  • Do not follow anybody to anywhere no matter how short the distance is, NEVER
  • Do not allow anybody you don’t know or familiar with to touch your pennies, vagina, breast or bottom. If it happens, yell and run away as fast as possible and report to your parent or older adult
  • Always yell at any stranger that tries to carry you and run away from him or her
  • Always be in the mist of people. Never stay alone in a quiet place.
  • Say “NO” to anybody that you don’t know no matter what he or she wants from you.
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Finally, parent should make sure that all these tips are being taught their children REPEATEDLY whenever they are with their children even if possible parents should make sure their children read it every day before leaving for the school or elsewhere.

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