Monday, 22 July 2013

Best Ways to Bath Your Newborn Baby Skin with Care

Bathing of new born baby is always a big tasking for most of women especially those first time mothers. It is due to the fragile nature of the new born which is sometime feel slippery in the hand and making most women to be afraid that the baby care break in her hands. Yes, this feeling is true.  I don’t think any woman should be afraid to give bath to new born even with care if certain steps of bathing baby are being followed. These steps are being used, tested and proven by most experienced mothers and nurses.

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When giving bath to your baby, make sure that the following conditions are met

  • Room temperature should be warm. That is between 900 F and 1000F
  • The following BASIC ITEMS should be available
         Gentle soap and shampoo
         Baby brush and combs
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  • Remove the baby cloth
  • Spread baby towel on top of a table or hard bed (This is used if the baby umbilical cord has not been removed) or  Place your baby in the tub(This is if the umbilical off the baby)
  • place him on the towel(This is used if the baby umbilical cord has not been removed) or pace him in the tub(This is i
    f the umbilical off the baby)
  • Wet the towel with water and some baby cleanser and wash him. Make sure you support his neck and head with one hand while using others to wash him
  • Make sure his hair is also washed
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After you finish bathing for him, do the following

  • Dry the baby with his towel and rub some cream on him to protect his against diaper rashes
  • Look for close clothes with zipper to wear for him