Friday, 19 July 2013

How I build Self Confidence with My Makeup

I don’t need anybody to tell me that my confidence is not enough in everything I did. I too know this. I am a young lady of 28 years working in one of the popular and well respected broadcasting stations as a reporter. Sometimes, I will be assigned to interview some very high celebrities, politician as well as sport men and women that I never dream of coming across.  I realized that most of those interviews I made with some of these people especially celebrities always ended in disarray which my stations would have edited before putting it on air. With this I find it difficult to be given live broadcast interview or to speak in public representing one of my bosses. What can we say cause this for me? Lack of self confidence!!! Would you believe that I later on got an assignment from my manager to interview very profile politicians LIVE ON AIR? And the outcome was awesome. How did I solve this challenge of self esteem that I was battling with? Believe it or not I solve it with my MAKEUP, Yes, MY MAKEUP. How? Read the steps below

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Use of lip gloss and eyeliner: I make sure I use some lip gloss and eyeliner when leaving form the office. I discover that whenever I do this I feel happier and in the good mood as more and more people will like to get close to me. With this I can be chat with anybody without any form of  intimidation or being shy.

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  Use of light powder that blends with my skin color:  What I discovered from this is that whenever I used powder, it really boosts my self confidence by 25%. With this I always assure of myself in whatever I do.

 Combination of lip gloss, eyeliner and light powder:  Any time I do this type of makeup combination, I realized that more and more people give me better treatment including my guests at the station if I have any guest to interview

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Also, anytime I am been invited to speak at some seminar or workshops, I always apply my makeup to build and boost my confidence.