Saturday, 20 July 2013

7 Tips I used To Identify Best Natural Deodorant

I love people who smell nice and I always want my environment to smell good. That is why I myself want to smell nice in any environment I find myself and most of the time I use best natural deodorant to achieve this which I carefully selected by using some tips. The goal of this screening is that I want best natural deodorant that has no side effect on my skin, brain as well as breath. I have seen lot and lot of people who are careless about type of deodorant they are using which really affect them on the long run.
Now, what are the tips I always use when buying deodorant? Before I go into that, let me tell you that every deodorant to be considered as natural should be able to give you the following things based on my experience.

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  •             24/7 protection against body odor. That is good smell day and night
  •      Good underarm breathe even if your body release its natural toxin
  •              Minimum level of worries with good safety feeling

Now, whenever I look out for deodorant, I make sure that any of the following ingredients is not part of its make up

Tip 1:        Cyclomethicone : This chemical always irritate skin and making armpit to smell bad. It should be avoided totally.

Tip 2:             Stearyl Alcohol:   This ingredient has been discovered that its one of the chemicals that cause cancer

Tip 3:        Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorahydex gly: This chemical is a strong one that really has great negative effect on nervous system.

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Tip 4:        Parabens : These chemicals are strong in the way they cause breast cancer.

Tip 5:        Propylene glycol: This chemical is well known for its down effect on skin, eyes and mucous membrane.

Tip 6:        Talc : Its is poisonous to body system

Tip 7:        Fragrance: It is poisonous to body system

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Finally, these entire seven (7) chemical listed below should be looked out for and avoided in any deodorant. And any deodorant that has none of these should be considered best natural deodorants I then go for it.