Saturday, 27 July 2013

Free Amazon Online Shopping: How I Do It

I have been shopping on FREE for the past eight (8) months. Whenever I tell some of my friend about it, most of they did not believe me just as you do not believe me as you are reading this article. But I have to protect my image by showing them the way I use to do it. After showing them, they too applied the same and shopped on Amazon free. I know you are eager to know those ways I and my friends used to do it. Don’t worry. I will definitely reveal the secret to you is just in a matter of few seconds. I just want to let you know that before you can shop on free, you will do take some simple steps. Now let me exposed the tips to you.

Online Survey and Email Reading:  Whenever I want to shop on Amazon free, I visit some website to apply for online survey and email reading. After registration on the sites, I then fill some online surveys which take about 2 to 5 minutes. The more survey I fill the more point I earn until my point worth $25. Immediately I reach $25 worth of point, Amazon gift card will be issued to me which I can used to buy anything worth $25. Although I can still have points greater than $25. I also used email reading to earn point. It is the same point and method with survey.

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Amazon free gift card promotion: This is not 100% free Amazon gift because you have to buy something worth at least $50 before you are qualify to be given free Amazon credit card worth $25. It is frequently available which I do always. Therefore, make sure you always look out for it on Amazon.

Finally, let me end this article by saying that for you to do the first option, Online Survey and Email Reading,  successfully, you need to be patience and consistence in doing it. It worths trying.