Sunday, 21 July 2013

3 Simple Steps I Used to Make My Lip gloss with Lip Stains 24/7

As a very young and beautiful lady, I love my lips to remain gloss and hydrated all day and that is how it is always. Believe me. No very fashionable lady will like her lips to get dry because it is the next body organ that beautifies ladies after our hair and faces except she is in bad mood like sickness, heart breaking and other emotional problems that always make ladies break down for a while. But I still wonder why some ladies still experience dry lips challenges even after they have worn their lip stain which they would have used to remain glossy. You might be wondering whether there is special ways of using lip stain. Believe me, there is, which will give your lips all day gloss.  Follow these steps and your lips will never experience dryness.

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Step 1:      Remove day lip stain and  its remnants at night: The first thing I do is to make sure I clean the lip stains I had use in the day from my lips very well  by rubbing wash cloth on it gently before going to bed. I make sure that the stains remnants are also removed with tooth brush so that my lips become smooth and clear.

Step 2:      Apply hydrated balm in the morning:  Whenever I am ready to go out, I make sure I first use hydrated balm on my lips and make sure it covers my lips very well. While doing this, I make sure yesterday lip stains remnants or any other objects are not found on my lips. That is, to make sure that the lips are smooth.

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Step 3:      Apply lip stains: After I am very sure that my lips are very smooth, I then apply my lip stains and then follow with any balm but not glossy ones. This will make the lips stay hydrated longer and better 24/7

Finally, if these simple steps can be followed by any one, it is very assured that there will not be any dry lips.