Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tips I Used To Get Cheapest Car Insurance

Car insurance is not optional. It is compulsory for very car owner especially new young drivers. Almost every new driver is looking for the ways to reduce car insurance cost but find it difficult to know ways of doing this. This type of challenge I described above was my greatest challenge when I wanted to buy my car. I had to consult lots of people to get very workable and trusted tricks I could use to make me get very cheapest car insurance. It was during this time I gathered the tricks I about to revealed to you

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Large Engine and sport car avoidance: I made sure I ran away from any car that has large engine or sport car. This is because most insurance companies believe that large engine car is very expensive to maintain and sport car get involve in an accident fast. These are the reasons which make them to charge more on any of these cars.

Chose area with cheapest insurance rate:  I had to make lot of inquiries from different insurance companies on the car insurance rate for each postal code. I realized that some postal code car insurance policy rate is more expensive than the other. Therefore, I used the postal code which has the cheapest car insurance rate.

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Avoid Car Insurance during winter: I made all my inquiries during winter and bought the insurance in the summer. The reason why I did it in this way was that car insurance rate is always expensive during winter because insurance companies believe that accidents are rampant during winter.

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Run away from previously written – off vehicle: I made all my effort to make sure that I did not buy car that had been written – off. As I know that insurance company will charge more on the car because it could get damaged or it will be having accident frequently.

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Lot of inquiries from many insurance companies:  When I was making inquiries, I visited up to 15 insurance companies before I settled down with the one I am using now which the cheapest among them.

Finally, if anybody uses these methods, he/she will definitely secure cheaper car insurance for his/ her car.