Sunday, 21 July 2013

How I Extend My ipad Battery Life in 5 Minutes

When I bought my Apple iPad 2 MC769LL, I read from the pack features that its battery can stay for at least 10 hours if it is fully charged. This I enjoyed for about 5 weeks. After this, I started to realize that the number of staying hours for my ipad was not up to 8 hours let alone 10 hours. I was very surprised and worried. It was then I remembered that I could have done some setting which can make me to enjoy the battery longer which I did not set. Let me tell you that these tips I am about to revealed were discovered from my true life experienced and it really worked for me. That is after setting all these necessary features on my Apple iPad 2 MC769LL, I got longer battery life span which up to 10 hours and each tip took me about 60 seconds.

Screen Brightness:   I turned down the screen brightness and set the auto screen brightness features on. I did this like by going to Settings -> Brightness and move the slider to reduce the brightness and I turned auto brightness on through Settings -> Brightness -> and move the Auto-Brightness slider to "on"

Auto – screen lock: I set the auto lock to about 2 minutes. So that it would minimize the battery consumption. I know that the longer the time the more battery it will consume. I went to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and 2 minutes.

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Reduction in Email Checking: I reduced the number of times my ipad should check my email notifications. As the lesser the notification checking the longer the battery life span.

Reduction in Wi-Fi Connection: I limited my Wi-Fi connection. As this will consumes lot of battery when it is left connected always.  For me to execute this I moved to Settings -> Network -> Wi-Fi -> and moving the slider to "off".

Disable Location Services features:  I made sure that this feature was not on if I don’t need it. As it requires me to get connected to my Wi-Fi before it can be used. I did this by going to Settings -> Location Services and move the slider to "off".