Friday, 19 July 2013

Coffee Health Benefits 6 Main Reasons Why I Take Coffee

Most of the time in my office I prefer to take coffee to other drinks while most of my colleagues prefer cocoa tea. If I call them coffee hater, it is not too much.  Whenever I asked them why they are against coffee, their main reply was that it has no health benefit. The question is I will be asking now “Is coffee good for you or not? This is the question that this article is going to answer now.
YES and YES. Coffee has very numerous healthy benefits. Therefore, if you have access to coffee, don’t hesitate to take it freely. These are the list of coffee health benefits.

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It helps in reducing exercises pains: if you are one of the people that always do exercises and feel pain after the workout which popularly called pro – exercise  muscle pains, make sure you take two cups of coffee in order to relieve you of the pains

It is a good source of fiber intake:  Nutritionists recommends that standard daily gram of fiber intake is between 20 and 38 grams. if you can take one cup of coffee, you have taken up to 1.8 gram of fiber. That is to say it is highly fiber in natural.

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It protects livers: Intake of coffee helps in given livers good protection.
NOTE: This can work perfectly if the volumes of alcohol intake are very minimal

It helps in reducing diabetes: if you can take up to 6 cups of coffee in a day, you are lowering the diabetes risk rate to 20%. Therefore, the more cup of coffee you take the better in diabetes prevention.

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It helps in reduction in suicide:  Researches had shown that those who are having coffee regularly are very less likely to commit suicide

It boosts women sex drive: it has been discovered that women that have intake of coffee are more sex driven that their counterpart without coffee.

Finally, there is no doubt that coffee has very valueless health benefits but make sure it is not taking too much. That is always avoid been addicted to it.