Friday, 20 September 2013

How To Have Perfect Skin: 5 Top Foods Good For Skin

Eating good foods has been considered as the major source of good, healthy, shining, glowing and perfect skin. That is to say, the quality of food you take will definitely dictate how beautiful your skin will be. There are lots of good foods that one can eat. Which one is really meant for good skin? This article will let you know those foods you can consume in order to have very glowing skin. That is you can eat your way to very healthy skin with them.

Tomatoes:  If you can make eating of tomatoes – based food as one of the main menu you will always go for then having glowing skin is definitely guarantee. As tomatoes contain lycopene which helps in fighting skin spots. It is highly recommended to eat tomatoes – based food four times a week.

Yoghurt:  Yoghurt is one of the foods that is very rich in protein and eating of protein – rich dairy foods helps in making skin become firmer. Therefore, the more dairy foods you eat, the firmer you skin will be and the more smother skin you are giving yourself. Just make sure you have a bottle of yoghurt daily.

Whole Grains:  Eating of whole grains – based foods helps in making your skin to be clear and moisturizing one. This is as a result of antioxidant rutin availability in the whole grains which protect skin against inflammation – related skin damage. Also wheat grains helps in producing biotin which its main job is to burn skin fat and reduce skin dryness.

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Green Tea: Green tea is also one of the foods that can make your skin look gorgeous and shining. The intake of green tea helps in reducing acne levels and helps in producing antioxidants that give skin younger look. Make sure you have intake of 3 cups of green tea every day.

Nuts:  Nut is widely known to be good source of antioxidants which helps in making skin look young and feel soft. It also contains vitamin E which helps in fighting skin radical and protecting the skin against sun damage.

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