Thursday, 5 September 2013

Why Do People Snore and the Best Remedies

Snoring is making of rattling sound while breathing in sleep. About 40% of men snore while sleeping and 25% of women are prone to snoring and it is common between the age of 30 to 75 especially among fat women or men. Snoring has been proven to lead to health and relationships problem as well as poor sleep, increase in fatigue. Then, why do people snore and what are the best remedies to it? These are the questions that this article will provide answer to.

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Reasons Why People Snore
Snoring do occurs when air cannot flow freely via nose and mouth while sleeping. This might happen due to poor sleep position or throat soft tissues abnormalities.  What really make people to snore can be any of the following

Body size:  Most of overweight people snore and this is due to too much of fat and lack of good muscle building.

Bad habit: People that have bad habit like smoking or drinking are very prone to snoring

Bad Sleep Posture: Most of people that always sleep on their back always snore

Age: This is to the fact that the older we get the narrower our throat become the more air finds it difficult to flow to our throat and mouth and the higher the risk of snoring

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Best Remedies to Cure Snoring

These tips to be discussed below will make you to have very noiseless and enjoyable sleep if you are looking for the ways to overcome your snoring

Exercises:  Make sure you do enough workouts to make you to lose weight or burn enough fat from your body. It will also help you tone your muscle.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption:  If you have intension of stopping your snoring, you must avoid drinking alcohol or smoking especially at the bed time.

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Don’t sleep on your back: You should avoid sleeping flat on your back in order to stop your snoring. As this make the throat flash to block the airways.

Have Enough Intake Of Water: Make sure you drink at least 11 cups of water daily if you are a woman while 16 cups of water is enough for men. This will make nose secretion to be less sticky at night.