Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Online Survey: Best and Easiest Way to Make Money Online

Are you one of the people that are looking for quickest and easiest to make money online? Or have you tried online money making ways like affiliate marketing, Google adsense, email reading as well as banner clicking without any success? Are you thinking of other online money method to do now? If YES, then let me tell you the best and easiest way of making money online that it is very sure you will definitely have high ROI without spending a dime. It is ONLINE SURVEY. I personally tried this surest online making trick after I have ventured into affiliate marketing, Google adsense and others but without anything to show for it although I might not have enough patience. I thank God for deviating into online survey which gave me fastest profit at early stage. There are certain tips I always put into considerations before I joined any online survey programs which made me to achieve great success in my online survey business ventures.

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Survey Time Duration:  I make sure that I know the number of hours I am going to use in filling the survey and the dollar amount attached to it. For example, if the survey is going to cost me 1 hour to fill survey with payment of $0.0005 per survey. I will NEVER join this type of survey because the amount does not worth the time spent on the survey. I always look for survey that will take me 1 hour with $1 to $2.

Survey Company Credibility: This is another very important point I make sure that I am okay with before joining any survey site. I look at the operational years of the survey company and its payment testimonials. Therefore I only join survey sites that have been on operation for at least 6 years and payment testimonials are up to at least 25.

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Lastly, whenever you are joining any online survey programs, make sure you consider those two points so that your time and money will not be wasted.