Friday, 2 August 2013

Best Approaches I Use to Attract Nice and Beautiful Women in 5 minutes

All men want to be attracted to by women at first sight but not all men can achieve this. My names are John Osborne. I am not handsome, not rich, not celeb. I am just like average guy but I have befriended lots of women you will not think I can approach let alone getting into bed with them. That's why, I always wondering when some of my friends that are very handsome, richer but not celebs are still complaining of not been able to get attracted to a woman. Why? What have I been doing that they are lacking? This article will give you all tricks I always use to attract very nice and beautiful women within 5 minutes.

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Seductive Handshaking:  This technique is the first thing I always do whenever I approach her. I try to say hi, say my name then offer her handshake. I make sure that I hold on to her hand while we are talking. This is to know whether she is interesting in me or not. If she also holds my hand while talking, I know that she is attracted to me within 5 minutes. I will then move to the next stage.

Don’t Think About Her Beauty: The next thing I do when I start conversing with her is to treat her like ordinary person, I always don’t let her beauty or status to come to my mind as well as head. With this I will be able to tell her my mind and be confidence in taking to her.

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Try To Be Funny: Although, I am not a comedian but I know what I can say to make a woman to smile if not to laugh. This is the tricks I always use when I realize that she was not giving me positive response to my presence. I know that everybody want funny guy around him or her.

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Look at Her Face Only: Whenever I am with her, I make sure I don’t look at her body parts like breast, fingers, buttock or legs as looking at all these areas will make her feel  discomfort and intimidated which might make her to lose interest in me. Therefore, I only look at her face.

Finally, I have used and reused these tips many times and it works great. If you are facing challenge of being attracted to a woman, you can apply these proven tricks.