Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I Want To Get Married: Best Christian Relationship Advice

Where can I have best Christian relationship advice because I want to get marry very soon? This is the common utterance I have been hearing from about 60% of young people who are about to go into courtship or I call it Christian courtship. Some have visited their pastors, mature Christian couples, Christian seminars or gathering as well as some websites but they are still confused about it. If you are one of these types of young Christian’s fellow is having this type of challenge, then you have come to the best site for the best solution. This site will definitely break it down for you so that it will be very easier for you to apply it in real life.

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Pray to God About The Relationship:  The first thing to do as a Christian is to present the relationships to God through prayer.  That is, make sure you pray about it before and during your relationships as this will give room for divine intervention if the relationship is not going to favor you either at present or in the future. Once again, don’t be carried away by fantasies of love that can make you to put God aside.

Set Goal for Yourself: Before going into any relationship, make sure you write down what you want to do during the relationship and what you will not allow to happen. For example, do you like to have sex during the relationship or are you going to be going to party together or not and so on. All these must be determined by you before you go into the relationship and let your partner know about this. Make sure you are highly discipline and stick to your rules.

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Get Yourself Very Reliable Christian Mentor: Make sure you have a very good advisor that you can report what is going on to for biblical advice in case you have any issues to be sorted out with your partner.

Be Trustworthy: Make sure you are always honest with your partner. Avoid telling lies and be open to each others.

Always Converse On Important Issues: Don’t always focus on fun that you had together. Make sure you discuss something like your future as a family and so on.  If there is any conflict, make sure you solve it with bible counseling.

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Always Take Critical Look At The Relationship:  Once in every three months, make sure you study the relationship to know whether you are leading to the marriage or not. If it is going to lead to marriage, then think about the next step to take and if it is otherwise, think about how to stop the relationship and move on.