Thursday, 1 August 2013

9 Best Top Play Station 3 (PS3) Games of All Times

Different Ps3 games are being sold in millions every year and it has been one of the great things for media player. Lots of gamers have given knock to some of the games on PS3 while some have raised lot of commendations on some of the games. This indicates that the taste of everybody differs for each game. But there are some games that have received lots of positive recommendations from large number of gamers which make them to be evergreen games. Therefore, here is the list of top ps3 games that you can enjoy all the times.

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Last Of Us: This game is the best exclusive game when it was reviewed in June, 2012. It was given PEGI 18+ rate.

Batman: This game has been really rated high. This is due to the way its adventure was expertly crafted. Also the rhythm used in the game was very okay and well arranged. When it was reviewed in Oct, 2011, it was given BBFC 15 as its rate.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus: This game will give you very long lasting memories whenever you play it. It has PEGI 12+ rate in Sep, 2011.
L.A. Noire:  This game was rated BBFC18 in May, 2011. It has very really life feeling of the game. That is, it makes you feel as if you are a real policeman.

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Portal 2: This game is very fantastic with rate of PEGI 12+ in Apr, 2011.
Mass Effect 2: This is another fantastic game of rate BBFC 15 when it was reviewed in Jan, 2011.

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Red Dead Redemption: This game is full of actions which made it to be awarded the best game in 2010 with rate BBFC 18.

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God of War III: Although this game is popularly called hash ‘n’ slash game but it was developed perfectly. The rate given to it was BBFC 18 in 2010, in the month of March to be precise.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: This game is full of actions with two player levels. It was rated BBFC 18 in November, 2009.