Saturday, 10 August 2013

I Need a Boyfriend: Best 5 Ways to Achieve It

“I need a boyfriend.” This statement might be what you have been saying times without numbers still no very cute and loving boyfriend has come to you at all or you might have come across some cute guys that you are in love with but you don’t know how to make that guy to notice you. May be you might have be in love with one cute guy but you had altitude like indecent dressing, too early sexual intercourse, very aggressive phone call or contact and likes which made him to use you and dumped you. This time around if you are looking for cute and loving guy relationship that will definitely end to the altar, the following tested, trusted and proven tips will guide you on how to achieve it.

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Build Self Boldness: Make sure you are always bold and confidence of yourself whenever and wherever you are. This is because you can meet the guy that is interesting in you anywhere, anytime and you might not be in your best outfit. But if you are bold and confidence, you will be able to flow correctly with the guy. Know that if you don’t have confidence in yourself, nobody will have confident in you.

Always Put On Smile: This tips play a major role in attracting guys. Every guy wants to be close to lady that smile or laugh always. Therefore if you are looking for a boyfriend, make sure you always put on smile on your face with positive altitude. 

Learn more I Need a Boyfriend: Best 5 Ways to Achieve It

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Eyes Contact: Whenever you come across a guy that you love and want to make him to be aware of this; you can use body language by looking at his eyes at least for two second with very loving smile. It is irresistible for any guy.

Always Be Yourself: Make sure you don’t overdo things with the aim of satisfying him. Do your make up as you normally do, wear your right clothes as usual and be friendly as you are. 

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Avoid Being Jealous:  Always make sure you go along with his friends - both male and female. Don’t try to distance him from his friend especially female ones.

Lastly, always be very careful. Make sure you read every bit of his statement and behavior to know if he is interested in you or not.