Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Best Fat Burning Tricks Without Exercises

Do you hate exercises and like to lose burn fat fast? Although you know that the main thing you can do to burn fat as quick as possible is through workout or exercises but still you cannot avoid you to do it due to one reason or other. The n you don’t need to be unhappy and lose hope of shielding away some of your body fat if you can follow these proven and tested fat burning tips that do not require a single exercise.

Always Take Your Breakfast:  If you want to burn fat without any form of exercises, make sure that you constantly eat your breakfast as early possible. At least make sure you breakfast falls between first three hours of everyday and the food must be balance diet. Food like eggs, yoghurt, and peanut butter should be fed on.

Give Yourself Enough Nap:  Make sure you have enough sleep at least up to 6 or 7 hours. Know that the lesser you sleep the more crave you will be towards food and vice versa.

Timetable Your Foods:  Always program what you are going to feed on for the whole day including snacks as this will guard you from eating foods that can increase your weight.

Always Use Small Plate to Eat: Try to avoid usage of big plate to eat as this will make you to eat lots of food. The reason is that your brain will be requesting for more food to full the plate which will definitely make you to crave for more food.

Drink Lot of Water: Try to have enough water in - take while you are eating instead of taking diet coke or juice or soda water. With water especially cool one, it helps in preserving body heat that can aid in burning fat. Also it helps in making food digestion fast