Friday, 16 August 2013

How to Avoid Turning Casual Relationship to Serious One

Some people call it casual relationship while others named it casual dating. This is a relationship between a man and a woman by which no emotional feeling or love is attached except for enjoying each other in bed whenever need arises. About 60% of people who at the initial stage went into a relationship for it to be casual and end up marry their casual partner which most of the time lead to divorce after marriage for about 2 or 3 years. This is due to lack of love and emotion at the initial stage. If you want your casual relationship to still remains casual no matter the number of months or years you have agreed to be in it. This article will teach you the best tips to do.

Choose a very Sexy Partner: Since your goal in the relationship is casual, make sure your partner you go for is someone that is ONLY sexually attracted to you. That all. Do not consider other attributes of him or her like his handsomeness or beauty, kindness, caring, richness and other things that can make you have special feeling for him or her.

Avoid all Romantic Activities: Always make sure that any activity that can lead to emotional feeling is totally avoided like going to cinema together, sleeping together at night or living together, buying of gift for him or her, constant phone call or discussion, sending of love messages and so on. All these will definitely make you to have special feeling for him or her which can lead to marriage.

Always Say “It is casual one” to yourself: Whenever or wherever you meet your casual partner, make sure you remind yourself that your relationship with him or her is casual. You are not special to him or her and he or she is nothing to you than casual partner. Make sure you don’t go beyond this and whenever you are out of bed with him or her, don’t think about him or her again.

Be Crazy In Bed:  Make sure you are crazy and hot in bed with him or her. Try every crazy thing you can’t do with your special one in bed whenever you are in bed with him or her.

Finally, if all these are strictly abide by, there is no doubt you will not get marry to the partner you don’t have intention of hooking with.