Thursday, 29 August 2013

List Of High Paying Careers With Lesser Years In School

Do you know that you can have very high paying career without spending long years in school? Gone are the days where only careers like medicine, law, architecture course and host of others which consume lots of time, energy as well as money are only courses that bring very high salary. Nowadays, you can spend only 24 months on a course and secure well – paying jobs immediately you complete the program. “What are these programs that can give me this?” I guess you are asking yourself. Your question will be answer satisfactorily in the next paragraph.

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Paralegal Studies: The main responsibilities of Paralegal graduates are to help lawyers to prepare necessary documents, files, correspondences and conduct case research which are to be use in the court. With all these duties, it is assumed that paralegal skill is at the same level with that of the lawyer itself which make the salary to be high. In term of educational requirement, you can go to obtain certificate in paralegal or be a paralegal associate and earn between the ranges of $29,000 – 75,000 annually.

Registered Nurse:  Another program that is juicy without staying longer in school is registered nurse. With RN, you could earn between the ranges of $45,000 – $94,000 per year. As a registered nurse, you will be using medical devices, keeping patients medical histories and enlightening the sick on how to take care of their sickness. To qualify as an RN, you just need associate degree or Bachelor of Science in nursing.

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Police Officer: With just only high school and police school certificates, you can earn between the ranges of $32,000 - $89,000 annually as a police officer. Most of your duties are to enforce laws, protect lives and properties, prepare case for court and testify in court.

Dental Hygienist:  If you now you have a flare for taking care of other people teeth as well as giving them advice on how to make their teeth look shining, then you can go for associate degree in dental hygiene and start to earn in between the ranges of  $47,000 - $96,300 every year.

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Software Developer:  You don’t need to spend up to four years in school as computer science student before you can be able to code a computer. An associate degree in computing is enough for you to start having salary between the ranges of $42,850 - $117,900 in twelve months. Just make sure you are very versatile and good in most modern programming languages