Sunday, 4 August 2013

9 Best Amusement Park Rides Safety Tips

Visiting amusement park is fun and very enjoyable journey for ever body as an individual as well as family but it can turn to very painful ones if you don’t know these amusement park rides safety tips to be discussed in this article ahead your visitation to places like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or Six Flags.  As a regular amusement park visitor, I have seen lots of people who have sustained injuries like sunburn, rashes, heat exhaustion and heatstroke when visiting amusement park. Therefore, this article will give you those tricks you can use to have very successful, enjoyable and safest theme park visitation.

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Drink lot of water:  Eighty percent of injuries sustained in the theme park are sun related ones. Make sure you stay hydrated always by drinking lot of water and try to avoid taking of sugary or alcoholic drinks. You might get fun from these drinks but they are of no good to you as they dehydrate you.

Use water proof sun glass: Whenever you are visiting theme park, make sure you wear good waterproof sunshade or hat  that can protect your skin from being affected by sun ray which might give you sunburn. Let it stay on you throughout the day.

Put on shoes and socks: As a theme visitor, you will be on your feet 90% of your visitation time. So always make sure you wear shoes and socks to prevent yourself from rashes and make sure you avoid putting on sandal only without socks.

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Read Boarding Restrictions:  Make sure you read restriction notice of the park before getting on any ride. For example, if you are pregnant, make sure the ride allows pregnant women or if you are a heart ailment victim, don’t go for the ride that can affect your ailment more. In a nutshell, ask the theme park staff, necessary questions before going for any ride.

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Medical Checkup: Make sure you do your medical checkup at least a week before embarking on your visitation to the park as this will let you know the best ride you can use.