Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Heart Break Pains That Almost Killed Me

Everybody or let me say 90% of people might have experienced heart break pain in one way or the other. The way each person handles it differs. Some have total control over it which makes them to easily overcome it while it controls some people. No matter the case may be. Heart break is heart break and the victim would have got some negative effect on him or her noticeably or unnoticeable  I am saying all this in order to prepare you for my story when I was the victim of heart break. Believe me, my sister and brother that are reading this article. I went through hell which I don’t pray for my enemies to go through let alone my friends. I don’t want to go into detail how it happened but to let you learn one or two things from my experience. Therefore, if you are noticing set back in your relationship; expect one or two of the followings.

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Change in Attitude Towards Foods:  The first thing I discovered was that at some time I will be overweight while at some time I would be losing weight. I started wondering how someone can be feeling like this. It then I realized that sometime I lost appetite which made me not to be able to eat very well. I might be like this for a month and later on I would just start to over eat even if I am okay and most of the these foods were junks.

Frequent Body Weakness: Another thing that I noticed was that I always felt weak even if I did not do any hard work and I was very stressful. When I went to see my doctor on it, she told me that my body was trying to normalize those tough situations I was going through that was why it released a chemical called cortisol which was making me weak. I then asked myself “Is this heart break pain?”

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Avoid Heartbreak Pains
Start Dating Now!!!

Sometimes Too Much Sleep and Sometimes Not Enough Sleep: This one was the most challenging one that made me to decide that I MUST GET OUT OF THIS. I might be sleeping for 10 hours every day for a week when the normal sleeping hours is 6 or 7 hours. Sometimes I slept for only 3 hours.

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Finally, all these that I went through were very tough situation but how did I go out of all these? This will come in my next article.