Tuesday, 30 July 2013

4 Best Proven Steps To Fix iPad App Crashes Easily

Have you ever experienced ipad app crashes? iPad crash is when you try to open an app and immediately close and take you back to your home screen. If you have experienced this, you will know how frustrating and worrisome it is. This article is meant to guide you on the best ways you can take to easily fix ipad crashes.

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Restart Your Ipad: Anytime you have an ipad crashes, the first thing you should do is to restart your ipad. You can start with soft restart. Soft restart can be done by

  • Holding down the lock button until it is off  
  • On it again by holding down the button again.

If soft restart does not solve the crashes, then you can use hard restart which you do by 

  • Holding down both lock button and home button simultaneously.
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Reinstall the crashed app(s): if restarting the ipad does not solve the problem, then you can the delete the apps and reinstall it from your Mac. You can do this by
  • Tabbing to the app icon and hold on it till it start to wobbly
  • Click on the X icon to delete the app
  • Stop the wobbly situation by pressing on the home button
  • Connect device into your iTunes to reinstall the app
  • After reinstallation, restart your device
  • Test your app

Re – download the app from Apple store directly: if reinstallation from your iTunes does not work, then launch your Apple store from your device and re – download the app again.

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Re – preparing your device:  if all the above fail, then you can remove all apps and OS. You can do this by
  • Fitting your ipad to iTunes and select Back Up
  • Remove all apps and OS from your device
  • Reinstall your OS from the Apple store
  • Restore your back up