Tuesday, 23 July 2013

5 Classic Shaving Tips I Use for Smoother Skin

I have seen lot of men that always have problem whenever they shaved. If it is not small bumps around their cheeks or jaw, it will be scratching of cheeks and jaw. Why these always happened to most men? The question came to my mind because I too shave even more often than some of these men BUT never experienced bumps or scratching. Well, this article is to reveal those tricks that I use before, during and after shaving and since I have been using them I have never!! I mean never!!! experienced any difficulty that most men have had. This means that these tips are tested, trusted and proven.

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Shaving Direction: Anytime I want to shave, I always take note of the direction of which my hair grow and shave along its direction with this I get smooth shaving experience. This means that before you start shaving; make sure you don’t shave against your hair growth direction.

Wet Skin: I make sure I soften my skin by wetting it with water for at least 2 minutes before I start to shave my skin. With this, I experience easier and painless shaving.

Selective Razor: I always use multi – blade razor because my hair is neither curly nor coarse hair. But if your hair is curly or coarse, use two razor blades. Do not mistake them. In short, make sure you know which razor that suits you.

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Aftershave Product Avoidance:  Most men apply aftershave whenever they finished shaving. This habit can cause bumps as most of these aftershave products are full of dyes and scent which can irritate skin. Although, I don’t use them at all but for those who are using them, they should stop or minimize these aftershaves usage.

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Use of Oil – free skin care products: Whenever I have intention of buying skin care products; I makes sure I read the ingredient written on the can or plastic and make it is oil – free skin care products or moisturizer(I limit its usage).