Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to Clean a Toilet: 5 Simplest Ways

Toilet is the second major place aside wastage at home where viruses and bacteria use as their host and everybody is always very careful when using toilet with the fear of contacting viruses or bacteria. But, do you know that it possible for someone to use toilet without any fear of viruses or bacteria? In what way, you asked? This is through using the best ways to clean you toilet. My toilet is always having stains and lime scale which I always make sure they are removed as fast as possible. I have used many ways to clean my toilet; some are not effective at all while some are very effective in all the areas. This type makes me to be fearless when it comes to contacting diseases from toilet. The following are the ways I have used that work best for me when cleaning my toilet

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Use of Vinegar: Vinegar is of the products that perfectly removed my toilet stains.

How to Use:  I put three cups of vinegar into a bucket and use it to    brush the bowl with toilet brush.

Use of Trisodium phosphate:   This is another great product that worked very well for me in removing stains. It is in form of powder

How to use:  I mix one teaspoon of Trisodium phosphate with one gallon of water. I then put a cloth in the mixture and scrub the stains rigorously till they are cleaned.

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Use of Borax Powder: This is a very good and powerful toilet stain removal that I can recommend for anybody.

How to Use:  I first make sure I close the toilet tank to stop water from flowing in. I then drain the water already in the toilet. It is after this I will then sprinkle the borax powder on  any where there is stain and wait for 30 minutes before I scrub the stains away and flush the toilet.

Use of Bleach Powder: Although, I only used this method twice but worked effectively.

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How to Use: I sprinkle the bleach powder in the toilet bowl and wait for 2 hours. I then brush it which I followed with flushing the toilet

Finally, these tips are highly recommended for everybody that is looking forward to neat and germ free toilet.