Friday, 19 July 2013

How I Get Rid Of Unwanted Noise with My Noise Cancelling Headphone Easily

Travelling, exercising, reading and listening to good music and motivational speaking are what I do most of the time. Anytime I am doing any of these activities, I always been looking for very silent area where unwanted noise will not be at all. But I stay in an area where lot and lots of noise is being generated. From street music and sound to my roommate stereo to very irritating sound from some vehicles on the road. I always had been seriously disturbed by all these noises from these channels. How did I overcome this? You asked?  It was by coincidence. How? This was how it happened. It was my wife that was using her headphone to listening to a particular music. She left the headphone with me in order to receive call inside,  I tried to know which music she was listening to. Immediately I put on her noise cancelling headphone, I realized that no single external sound except that of the music. I was happy that at last my solution to these entire noises problem is found. How did I apply them on all these my daily routines. This is it.

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Travelling: My place of work is very far from my home which makes me to travel for 45 minutes every day and the noises are everywhere both outside the bus and inside the bus and I like reading accompany with soft music whenever  I am going to my office in the morning. Therefore, immediately, I board the bus I put my noise cancelling headphone on my head. Walas!!! No more noise again.

Exercising: I love to be concentrating whenever I am doing my exercise which running around the street this because I love seeing people and beautiful nature around me while I am carrying out my work out but it could have been perfect if there will not be any noise from anybody but it is full of unwanted sound (noise) which always distracted me. Therefore whenever I am doing any workout, I make sure that my headphone is on my head which send out good quality music to my hear and make me to concentrate more on the exercises.

Reading and listen to music or motivational speaking:  In my office, my break time is 1pm – 2pm. I like to use this period to cool myself down with good music or motivational speaking but most of my colleagues are always around me making noise. Although they are not disturbing me physically but their noises do. I make sure that when it is my break time, my noise cancelling headphone is on my head and the sky is the limit to very enjoyable life