Saturday, 20 July 2013

How I Used Home Remedies for My Baby Diaper Rash and Stuffy Nose Perfectly

As I am writing this blog, I looked at my baby who was sleeping in his cot with his diaper well fit in his bottom. Before, I started writing this blog I have being playing with him and checking his arm, head, leg and bottom. I saw that there every where was smooth including his bottom where most children always have rashes due to diaper being used for them. My baby will be four months come August 25. About a month ago around July, I noticed that there were some rashes at its bottom which I checked and discovered that it was being caused by his diaper. I was a little bit worried but quickly look for simplest and effective method I could use to get rid of it. Truly, within a week, this steps I took gave me positive result, that is, all his rashes disappear. What are those steps that worked the magic?

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I always make sure my baby skin is clean:  What I mean by this is that I make sure I check my baby diaper every one and half hour to know whether is ripe for change and immediately I realized that it is soak, I change it

I give time to his bottom to dry: Another steps I make sure I do is that whenever I change his diaper I give up to 30 minutes for the bottom to dry before putting another diaper

I use diaper rash relieve kit: This is to protect my baby skin before it is being attacked by the rashes. Also whenever I want to wash his bottom, I make sure that I use gentle and mild cleanser.

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I think you would have learned on or two from me in treating diaper rashes homely. What of stuffy nose? You might be asking. Don’t worry; this is the next stuff to be treated with home remedies.

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My story about my baby stuffy nose happen about two weeks before he was affected by diaper rashes and what I just did were these

I use my mouth to blow his nose: What!!! You might be wondering, use mouth to blow nose? Yes, he is my child I can do anything for him to make him look and sound okay. If you are to do this, you have to put your mouth in his nose and do as if you are using straw to drink water from its bottle gently.