Sunday, 28 July 2013

Best and Easiest Ways to Make Extra Money Online

Lots and lots of people had made and still making extra money online in supplement to their main jobs. And there a lots of people that has been doing online business which they used as their main source of livelihood. Most of these people are not web designers or programmers or technical person. What they have is the zeal, continuous learning on how they can be successful in online business, patience and persistence. Also each of these people focuses on the area of online business that he can perform best. If you are newbie to internet business and still thinking of which areas of online business you can venture into then this article will guide you on basic areas of online business that you can do. It then depends on you to know which one to start. Do not read this article for reading sake and fun. TAKE ACTION! TAKE ACTION!!TAKE ACTION!!!

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Online Survey: This online business requires you to just fill some online form and get paid. Most people believe that this is the easiest and simplest form of online business because you don’t need to have any site or blog before you can earn money unlike affiliate marketing and Googe Adsense which having blog or site is highly recommend or sometimes compulsory.

How To Do:
  • Search for some reliable and trusted online survey site from Google
  • Register on their sites
  • Wait for their approval
  • Check your email supplied to them for your surveys
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Affiliate Marketing:  This is one of the well know online business that has been in existence for a very long time and it is easiest online business that you can quickly make money with.

How To Do:
  • Register on affiliate sites like,,, and so on
  • Wait for 1 or 2 working days to review your registration
  • If you are approved then log in and start to promote their offers on your blog or sites
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Google Adsense: This is another online business way which most online business is eager to do. It is from almighty Google. It is called Pay per click. That is, Google will place advertisement on your blog or site and if anybody clicks on the advert, Goggle will pay you some money. Google Adense is very risky because Google might ban you without any notice and wrong doing which leads to losing your earned money.

How To Do:
  • Register on
  • Wait for Google to review your registration
  • If you are approved, you will be seeing advert on your site from Google