Friday, 20 September 2013

How to Lose Stomach Fat: 4 Best Exercises for Lower Belly Fat

Doing lot of exercises has been known to be the best way to lose lower belly fat or what most people known as stomach fat. Lots of people want to have very flat stomach in order to remain slim but they don’t know the best way to do it. As belly fat is widely known to one of the causes of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. There are lots of people who had starved themselves in the name of trying to burn belly fat without knowing that this also contributing to weight gaining. Losing stomach fat is easier than all these. That is steps like self starvation or using expensive drugs are not needed, what is mostly needed is constant simple exercises. The question is now which of the exercises are the best for losing of lower belly fat? The best exercises that can quickly help in getting rid of stomach fat is any blend of lower abs and calorie - burning exercises.  The following are the fastest belly fat burning exercise.

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Fast-Paced Walking, Running, Biking, Jumping Rope: These types of exercises are very good for stomach fat. These workouts help in elevating heart rate as well as making you to sweat. To get the best result out of them, make sure you spend between 45 – 60 minutes per day doing it and try to do it at least 3 times a week.

Hanging Legs Workout: This is another exercise that can quickly burn your belly fat. To do this, look for football net bar or two vertical poles with overhead bar, hang on the overhead bar part of the poles with your legs hangs straight down, raise your legs until it is in angle 90 degree with your waist, stay at this position for at least 60 seconds, slowly lower your legs till it is hanged straight down, repeat the raise up again for 10 to 15 times

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Flutter Kicks Workout: You can still use this type of workout to burn belly fat fast. If you have intention to use this, lie flat on your back with your hand beside you, raise your leg up till it is perpendicular to the floor, lower the right leg until it is about 45 degree to the floor while the left leg still at 90 degree to the floor, raise the right leg back to 90 degree and lower the left to 45 degree to the floor, repeat this for at least 15 times.

Reverse Decline Exercise: Your belly fat can also be reduced with reverse declined workout. You can do this by lying flat on your back, raise your head and shoulder off the floor with your hands beneath your head, raise your legs at 90 degree to the floor, bent your knees and move them toward your chest, stay like this for 60 seconds and return your leg and head back to floor simultaneously. Repeat this for 15 times.

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