Friday, 4 October 2013

How To Get Rid Of Roaches Naturally: The Ultimate Guides

Nobody welcomes cockroaches in his house or office as they are very disgusting. Aside the facts that they are disease – carrier insects, they can also destroy books, wall paper, very important document and so on. Getting rid of cockroaches seems to be very difficult and sometimes impossible but they can be easily eliminated naturally. That is, using natural methods in getting rid of them totally. Using natural method of fighting against roaches is very economical, environmentally – friendly, fume and chemical – free which might be poisonous to the people especially children. Therefore, to get rid of cockroaches in your house and stop it from revisiting you again, use the following natural methods and steps

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Locate Their Source: Whenever you find or see roaches in your house or office, the first thing to do is to make sure you know all the places where they are coming from immediately you locate these sources, sealed them and kill them with broom or other similar objects provided they are not many.

Use Borax and Granulated Sugar: In order to kill those roaches that have enter your house before sealing up their sources (if they are many), you can use home - made borax mixing with granulated sugar, make sure the quantity of borax an sugar are the same and put it in all places you have seen the roaches as well as those areas you think they can be located. This method is very effective in the sense that borax break down their digestive system immediately it is being fed on by the cockroaches.

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Use of Soap and Water Solution: This is another home – made method that you can use to kill roaches easily. What you just need to do is to prepare simple soap and water and spray it on the insect, make sure the solution get in touch with its abdomen and large part of its body as this can make it to suffocate to death.

Use Of Adhesive Trap: This method is also chemical and fume free of killing roaches. Just spread a very adhesive gum on the cardboard or any hard paper and place them at the areas where cockroaches can be located. Whenever they try to crawl over the gum, they will be trapped.

Use of Peppermint oil, garlic and clove oil: These items repellents to roaches naturally and the use of them kills them instantly. Just mix them with water and spray them on the roaches.

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Use of Alcohol or Bleach:  This is another effective method of killing roaches. Put alcohol or bleach in a spray bottle and apply them on the cockroaches.

Finally, know that roaches breed quickly and can easily spread germs to you and your family. Take the giant steps today to get rid of them fast.